Work Experience South Africa

Volunteer Work Experience in South Africa

Stunning South Africa has many secrets we invite you to unearth during your volunteer work experience with local whales and sharks! The coastline is so broad that you can find heaps of molluscs, fish, mammals, and many more…  And with WEP’s Volunteer Abroad program, you will be able to experience it fully in an incredible location, with wonderful likeminded volunteers, working on a thrilling project and contributing to meaningful causes! What are you still doing here? Go travel the world and immerse yourself in a different culture. You will love it!

Three-Day Orientation / Cape Town Experience

Included in the program! You will spend the first three days in Cape Town with other like-minded volunteers from around the world. You will be shown around local sights and have some time to explore Cape Town by yourself or together with other volunteers. Among other activities, you will be taken on a local tour of the city, visit historical sites like the Castle of Good Hope, Grand Parade, Parliament Buildings and the District Six Museum.

International Marine Volunteers Program

DAY 1 - Settling in

You will get picked up from Cape Town to start your awesome program near Gansbaai, about two hours from the airport. Drop your bags at the Great White House, your shared house during your stay, then meet International Marine Volunteers (IMV) representatives, the Marine Dynamics representative and biologist, and of course your new mates, the other volunteers. You’ll be served breakfast and lunch. Then it’s time for some fun! After a safety briefing, you will jump on the boat for the first time and experience a shark cage dive like the passengers you will support during your program. Overcome your fears and get closer to sharks. Sounds crazy?! Sure is! After this big challenge, you’ll be met by some IMV representatives, who will be there to answer any of your questions and take you back to your shared house, where you can continue to settle and socialise. You’ll also get t-shirts, a hat and a wind jacket. Before the welcome barbecue, they’ll take you shopping to Gansbaai for your evening meals and snacks. There will be a mini orientation on basic seamanship as well as instructions on the
boats and the cage.

DAY 2 and onwards – Volunteer on whale and shark boats

You will be able to go out to sea at least every other day, meaning you will meet thousands of passengers on the boat and dive quite regularly. How exciting! You will be needed as often as possible, except when the weather does not allow sailing or diving. If you wish to dive as much as possible, you’ll have to inform the Marine Biologist or skipper. Whenever sea conditions are not favourable, you will be participating in workshops on volunteer duties and safety, sustainability and ecotourism, shark eggs, tagging and ID, whales and dolphins, basic seamanship and the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. You might also get the chance to go check out Hermanus and Stanford to go shopping or on wine tours, to Betty’s Bay to check out the cute penguin colony and to Cape Agulhas to admire the meeting of two oceans!

Here are some tasks you might have to carry out while on program:

-      Assist in laying and retrieving the anchor

-       Assist putting in the cage and attaching it to the boat

-      Help to prepare bait

-       Help with the chumming

-      Assist the passengers on the boat (answering questions, assisting if seasick, helping them with wetsuits, etc.)

-       Assist divers in getting ready for the cage, and getting in and out of the cage

-      Collect data on the sharks and whales

-      View sharks and whales and take pictures

-      Cage dive


Go horse riding and quad biking.


It is important to keep in mind that all your efforts are of course very important! You will be directly contributing to this Trust, which is actively working towards a better environment. Its main focus is the funding of a rehabilitation centre for penguins. However, they also organise beach clean–ups and shark eggs projects as well as educate South African kids about environmental challenges. This whole program is great, isn’t it? Well, guess what? You can be part of it!

Program Fees

Programs start every Monday and are flexible in length. If your preferred program duration is not listed below, feel free to contact us for a customised quote.

Program                                                        Duration                    Price

Volunteer Program in South Africa              2 weeks                     AUS $2000

                                                                    4 weeks                      AUS $3200

                                                                    8 weeks                      AUS $5200

                                                                    Additional week          AUS $700

Included: Three-day orientation program, airport pick-up, shared accommodation for full duration of the program, breakfast during volunteer project, lunch when volunteering on boat, travel insurance, certificate
of donation, wind jacket, two shirts, hat, administration fees, placement in projects, pick-up from and return to Cape Town (or airport), access to activities proposed by overseas organisation, local assistance, workshops on sustainability and environmental education, participation in eco-projects.

Not included: Airfares, visa costs, spending money, lunch when you are not volunteering on a boat and dinners

Contact us for a detailed overview and to request a free application form!