Jambo Kenya!

Kenya, in East Africa, is well-known for the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Maasai Mara, its gorgeous Tsavo National Park, beautiful beaches in towns like Malindi and UNESCO Heritage listed Lamu Island, where you can also view an amazing star-filled night sky with shooting stars. Learn more about the fascinating semi nomadic Maasai people and watch the amazing sunset down behind a Baobab tree from across the African Plains.

The Program and Projects Overview

With a million orphans in Kenya mainly due to aids, volunteers are of great assistance in the Medical and Community Programs.  The elderly walk over two hours each way to take advantage of a bi-weekly food distribution program.

Medical Placements are also available for volunteers with a medical background in public health centers, private hospitals, vaccination clinics, and attending home visits. Volunteers have assisted with delivering babies also.

Community placements include teaching and assisting in orphanages and pre-schools with games and sports, cooking, general care for the children and improvement of facilities. Projects may include renovating or building accommodation also and assisting with the meals/feeding program for over 300 elderly people.

Duration of programs is 2-8 weeks (min. 6 weeks for Medical Placements). Projects commence every first and third Monday of each month.

Your First Week

Your first taste of the Swahili language will be a welcoming ‘Jambo!’ when you are met at Nairobi airport and taken to your new home. The first two days are set aside for orientation - you will visit the project sites and meet key people in the projects you will participate in.

Your Life as a WEP Volunteer

Monday to Friday, you will be collected around 9am to head off to your project, break for lunch, and head home around 3pm. It may take up to an hour and a half to get to your project site each day.  Your weekends can be spent the way you want, i.e. on safari, exploring coastal towns, visiting the local Tea Farm, or at the Giraffe Sanctuary in Nairobi. You can elect to do more volunteering by assisting at the Baby Rescue Centre or vaccination clinic in the Nairobi Slums on your weekends, or relax with other volunteers.

Sample Projects

After breakfast, on a volunteer day, you will head off to your project, possibly taking up to an hour and a half. You may head off to the Rift Valley to teach the children at the special unit school a new sport and then cook them a meal. You can spend the evenings going for a jog, watching tv and talking about your day with other volunteers. You may also finish the day with a swim and drinks at the local Country Club.

Program Fees

Programs are available all year round and start every first and third Monday of the month. The duration for the volunter program varies from two to eight weeks.  

Program Duration Program Fee
2 weeks $1590
3 weeks $1990
4 weeks $2350
5 weeks $2800
6 weeks $3250
7 weeks $3650
8 weeks $4000

Included: Project Fee – for building materials, supplies etc., return airport transfers to and from Nairobi Airport, health and travel insurance, orientation program, daily transfers to/from projects, full board and lodging including three meals per day, weekly laundry Service, 24 hour field support and assistance from your coordinators, experienced field workers

Not included: airfares, spending money, visa, optional excursions

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